Most common garage door problems

A broken garage door can present many problems not to mention the risk of home robberies. This is why it is important to ensure your door is in good working condition at all times. Here are some of the most common garage door problems and repair solutions that homeowners encounter.

Hearing loud noises whenever opening and closing the door

Loud grinding or squealing sounds indicate lack of lubrication so you must clean the door track where the wheels are located at. Make sure you remove any dirt or debris first and use specially-designed oil from a hardware shop. A simple WD40 will also do the trick but you must open and close the door a few times to ensure the problem is solved.

Garage door falls too quickly

This problem can be a dangerous one for the people who are opening and closing the door. It may be caused by broken or loose cables. The other possibility is that the springs are worn and need replacement. If the extension springs are too heavy, consider changing them with lighter ones. You should examine all the hinges carefully but refrain from replacing the springs yourself as only a professional repair man should do this task.

The remote control door opener doesn’t work

Aside from the obvious checks on the batteries, you also need to check the cables and sensors. Again this is a job for experienced garage door technicians as you may cause injury to yourself whilst inspecting the wirings. You can find more common problems with garage doors here.


The panels of garage doors can also present a few problems such as change in shape due to direct heat from the sun, or break due to wear and tear or damage. You will need to replace the old panels with new ones but make sure you get a professional to fit them for you. Similarly, if any of the components need repairing, you will save money by getting them replaced professionally the first time rather than buying the parts yourself and not knowing what to do with them. To troubleshoot more garage door problems, refer to this website.

The above are the most common garage door issues that homeowners face, and if yours is not listed, the related links will help you diagnose the problem. Licensed technicians have the adequate experience to inspect your garage door, but it is best not to wait too long before having the parts checked.