Essential Equipment for Fixing Used Cars by Yourself

Fixing and restoring a used car to its original condition can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a car enthusiast. Although the entire process can be extremely challenging, it can also be extremely enjoyable – provided you have the right equipment and tools!

Before you start fixing a used car, make sure that you have the following equipment in your garage:

  1. A tool for moving cars
    One of the first things you’ll realise when fixing used cars is how difficult it can be to move a car around when it lacks wheels or a functioning engine! This is why you need to invest in an indoor car moving tool. This tool goes underneath a car and lifts it up so you can move it around the garage or shop floor. Invaluable for any car restoration project.
  2. A tool for removing dents
    Regardless of how good (or bad) the condition of the used car, you will undoubtedly have a few dents. A dent puller can help you remove dents with little effort. You can choose from manual, hand-operated dent pullers, or automated versions that utilise air-compressors. The latter are easier to operate and will save you tons of time in your restoration project.
  3. A tool for grinding metal and scraping paint
    A paint scraper and an angle grinder are must-have tools for working on the car body. Thes can help you buff down sharp edges, remove rust and scrape away old paint. Regardless of what car you’re working on, make sure that you have these two (relatively cheap) tools in your garage.
  4. An air-compressor
    When you start working on old cars, you will quickly notice that a huge number of tools require an air-compressor to work properly. From impact wrenches to dent pullers, virtually every automated tool of any kind requires an air-compressor to operate. When you’re building out your car restoration tool kit, an air-compressor is one of the first things you should buy.
  5. A lift
    You might have seen these hydraulic lifts in large restoration shops. These are usually tethered to the ceiling and used to install and remove engines (which can weigh hundreds of kilos). If you’re serious about car restoration, you will need one of these lifts in your garage. You can get models designed for small garages for quite cheap.

Fixing a used car yourself can be a very enjoyable experience, provided you have the right tools and equipment in the garage. Buy the five tools listed above and make your car restoration project easier and more fun!