Entry Door Buying Guide

How to Choose an Entry Door

For many homeowners, the front door is the centerpiece of a home’s exterior. Not only does your front door contribute to the first impression a visitor has of your home, it also stands as a familiar touchstone of your routine, welcoming you home at the end of each day.

When you choose a Clopay door, you can count on durable, quality construction, with a variety of fiberglass or steel options available. Our entry doors also feature energy efficient polyurethane foam insulation.

One of the most exciting features of Clopay entry doors is their ability to pair with a Clopay garage door, creating an attractive, complementary appearance across your home’s exterior. If you already own a Clopay garage door, check out our entry door models to find a great style pairing. If you want to completely transform your home’s exterior, we recommend you view our garage door collections, then find a complementing entry door.

If you’re looking for help choosing the best front door for your home, try our five-step buying guide:

Measuring Your Entryway

The dimensions of your entryway are a primary consideration when choosing an entry door. Does your entryway accommodate sidelites, a single door, or a double door? Is the opening high enough to include a transom? Clopay entry doors can be chosen with any combination of these features, then further customized with a variety of hardware and finish options.

Unsure what a transom or a sidelite is? Check out our helpful glossary or learn more about entry door construction.

Selecting An Entry Door Style

Choosing a style for your front door is the single biggest choice you can make to add your personality to your home’s entryway. If you prefer the classic, natural look of a wood-grained door, Clopay offers fiberglass entry doors with woodgrain finish in Cherry, Oak, Fir or Mahogany. For modern style homes, or homeowners that prefer a clean, smooth look, our smooth fiberglass or high-definition steel doors are an excellent choice.

Also considering replacing your garage door? View our Guide to Complementing Garage and Entry Doors for inspiration!

Selecting A Finish for Your Door

Even with the same front door, two different finish options can have very different effects on your overall curb appeal. Clopay’s Finishing Touch Stain & Paint System allows you to find the perfect look for your new front door with 8 available stains and 18 paint colors. Clopay’s paint and stain options are designed for weather resistance and sunlight resilience, and are backed by a 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind. If you choose a painted finish for your door, our fiberglass doors and steel doors are available in a variety of colors that are complementary to your Clopay garage door.

Choosing Your Entry Door Glass

To add a touch of warm, natural light inside your home’s entryway, consider a front door with a glass insert. Clopay offers a wide variety of sizes and caming colors to complement your home’s façade, and varying obscurity levels can help you find the right blend of light and privacy. For owners of Clopay garage doors, you will be pleased to find that many of our window designs complement your existing garage door windows. If privacy is a primary concern, solid Clopay doors also provide a beautiful appearance without glass.

Choosing Your Door Hardware

For a truly custom look, the difference is in the details – and Clopay helps you achieve your vision with several styles of decorative locksets and accessories. Hardware finishes available include Bright Brass, Black, Satin Nickel, and Patina to complement your sill, hinge, and caming finishes.

Where to Buy Your Entry Door

After you’ve found your perfect door, visit our Where to Buy Locator to find a local Clopay Dealer. Our network of dealers is happy to help with any questions you have about door styles, options, sales, and installation.