Frequently Asked Questions: Entry Doors

  • Can I order a Clopay entry door to complement my Clopay garage door?

    Yes, Clopay entry doors are designed to complement many Clopay garage door styles. Entry door styles and garage door styles complement one another in several ways; finish color, panel design and window options. 

  • How much does an entry door cost?

    The cost of an entry door can vary greatly and depends on many factors such as the panel material, size, panel design and style, glass, finish, hardware and many other options.

  • What is the Clopay entry Door warranty?

    Clopay fiberglass doors have a Limited Lifetime warranty. Clopay steel doors have a 10 year warranty. The Clopay Finishing Touch pre-finish warranty is 5 years. Please see the printed warranties for details.

  • Does Clopay pre-finish entry doors?

    Yes, we will stain any of the Arbor Grove, Rustic or Craftsman entry doors in one of eight stain colors. We will paint any of the Smooth fiberglass and steel doors in one of 18 paint colors.

  • What should I expect when I order a Clopay entry door unfinished?

    The Arbor Grove, Rustic and Craftsman Fiberglass doors come with either a tan or pinkish toned skin that can be stained or painted. Clopay Smooth fiberglass entry doors arrive with a white finish, ready to be painted. Clopay Steel entry doors have a white primer applied to the door, sidelight panels and the frame parts, and are also ready for paint application. All Clopay unfinished doors must be properly finished within 30 days of installation per Clopay’s warranty. Refer to Clopay’s finishing instructions for more details on proper finishing instructions for entry doors that are not finished at the factory.

  • Does a Clopay entry door require maintenance?

    Yes, like most exterior products, a Clopay entry door will require periodic maintenance. Wear items like weatherstrip and the bottom sweep should be periodically replaced to maintain a good seal around the perimeter of the door. General cleaning and finish maintenance should be performed, either through the reapplication of a stain topcoat or re-painting. Complete entry door care and maintenance instructions are available upon request.

  • Are Clopay entry doors Energy Star qualified?

    Yes, with the exception of styles that include miniblinds encased in clear glass.

  • Is touch-up paint and stain sent with a pre-finished entry door?

    Yes, a small amount of touch-up paint and/or stain is included in a clear plastic bag that is attached to the entry door. Installation instructions and corner seal pads are also in this bag.

  • What is a corner pad and where on the door unit does it go?

    A corner pad is a small foam pad with an adhesive back that is designed to prevent air and water infiltration at a vulnerable point where the weatherstrip meets the sill. Corner pads should be installed on each of the vertical jambs on top of the sill threshold behind the weatherstrip. Refer to the Clopay installation instructions for specific placement.

  • How are Clopay entry doors prepped for hinges?

    Clopay entry doors have what is known as a “full swipe” where the hinges are located. The entire edge of the door is machined where the hinge is placed. Hinges for some competitor entry doors are “surface mounted” which means the hinge is mounted with no machining of the door to accept the hinge. There is not an advantage to either of these methods; both provide an equal amount of support for the door.

  • What types of hinges are standard on Clopay entry door units?

    All Clopay entry units come standard with ball bearing hinges, and are available in three finishes: patina, satin nickel and polished brass.

  • What types of jambs are standard on Clopay entry door units?

    Arbor Grove, Rustic and Craftsman Fiberglass Entry Doors come standard with stainable woodgrain composite jambs, brickmould and mull covers for no-rot performance. Clopay Smooth Fiberglass Entry Doors come standard with paintable composite jambs, brickmould and mull covers. Clopay High Definition Steel Entry Doors come standard with paintable finger-joined pine jambs, brickmould and mull covers.

  • Are custom jamb depths available for all jamb materials?

    Custom jamb wall depths are available, but not in all jamb materials. Composite jambs are only available in 4-9/16”, 5-1/4”, 6-9/16” and 7-1/4” depths. Finger-joined pine jambs can be customized for wall depths up to 8-9/16”, and oak jambs are available in custom jamb depths on a special order basis (wider wood jamb sizes may require glue lines). Additional lead time may apply. Note: if the jamb is over 6-9/16”, the sill may not extend to the full width of the jamb unless a special sill extender is requested.


  • Where is the door prep for the lockset located in relationship to the bottom of the door?

    On a standard height 6’8” door, the door prep for the lockset is located 34.25" from bottom of the door or 36" from the floor.

  • What size are the lock blocks on Clopay entry doors?

    Clopay Arbor Grove, Rustic and Craftsman Fiberglass Door Collections have a 4-1/4” wood stile running the entire length of the door. Clopay Smooth Fiberglass and High Definition Steel door panels have a 12" lockblock.

  • Does Clopay offer fire-rated entry doors?

    Yes, a B-label 20-minute fire rating is available for High Definition Steel Entry Door units in 6-8" & 7' heights, standard widths with finger-jointed primed or composite jambs. Extended lead times apply.

  • What is the thickness of a Clopay entry door?

    1-3/4" - Thickness Tolerance 1.72" +/- .031

  • What is the weight of a solid woodgrain fiberglass door from Clopay?

    Approximately 70lbs.

  • What is the actual size of a Clopay door panel?

    6’8” Height (79”), 7’0” Height (83-7/8”), 8’0” Height (95”)

    3’0” Width (35-3/4”), 2’10” Width (33-3/4”), 2’8” Width (31-3/4”), 2’6” Width (29-3/4”)

  • Does Clopay offer storm doors?

    No, Clopay does not offer storm doors.

  • Can a Clopay entry door unit be prepped for a storm door?

    Yes, most configurations can be prepped for a storm door. There are some exceptions when a continuous sill unit requires an extended jamb depth. It’s important to note however, that Clopay does not recommend the use of a storm door without proper ventilation and is not responsible for any damages to door components or finishes due to storm door application.

  • Where are door viewers (peepsites) installed?

    Standard height is 57" from the bottom of the door, but can vary due to panel design. Door viewers cannot be installed on Clopay’s Smooth Fiberglass FS2600 design due to interference with the center groove in the panel.

  • Does the mail slot have an internal "privacy flap" so that the interior of the home can't be seen when the exterior flap is opened?

    No, there is no interior privacy flap.

  • Can a kick plate be put on an entry door?

    Yes. The textured fiberglass panels require the 6" kick plate. The smooth and steel panels can use either a 6" or 8" kickplate.

  • Does the speak easy have weather stripping?

    Yes, the speak easy accessory has weatherstrip around its perimeter to provide a weather barrier.

  • What is the height of the threshold on Clopay’s sill?

    Standard adjustable sill threshold height for in-swing doors is 1-3/8". The standard non-adjustable sill threshold height for out-swing doors is 1-1/2”.

  • Can Clopay install a door knocker on entry doors?

    No, there is no internal reinforcement where the knocker would be placed.

  • What is the standard lead time for Clopay entry doors?

    Clopay Entry Doors are all custom-built at the factory to your order specifications. Standard lead times are approximately 4-6 weeks, but can vary based on product specifications and area of the country. Check with your nearest Clopay dealer for specific lead time information.

  • When I order a Clopay transom does it include brickmould?

    Yes, brickmould is included but not attached on rectangular shapes. Interior casing is optional, and is offered in three profiles: OG/colonial,  Teardrop and Mission. All transoms are shipped separate from the unit to be attached in the field.

  • Does Clopay offer double door configurations?

    Yes. Clopay offers a double door, with an active/active configuration and a center astragal that is attached to the secondary active door.

  • Does Clopay offer patio door configurations?

    No. Clopay does not manufacture a hinged fixed/active patio configuration. Clopay also does not manufacture sliding patio doors.