Boys’ Nights In

Can’t find a place to sit? Is there no room for you on the couch? Do you trip over toys every few paces? However fulfilling family life may be, it’s entirely normal to crave a little quiet time every once in a while. Perhaps you want to read the newspaper before your kids turn it into paper aeroplanes. Maybe there’s a football match on TV that you want to watch, but you can’t because Moana is on. Or maybe you just want to have a few friends over for a good old game of poker.

If that is the case, you definitely won’t want to be interrupted. The garage may be a great place to set up a man cave – all you need is an empty corner in which a small table and a few chairs can do wonders. You may be fortunate to own a large garage – if you do, you can go all out with dartboards, snooker tables and even a pinball machine if you wish! Once everything is in place, you can start hosting many a pleasurable boys’ night in, poker nights among them.

Seasoned poker players will know that the game requires a lot of concentration, so make sure you have adequate lighting so that you can study your opponents carefully. You and your friends might play regularly together – in that case, the game may become even more challenging as you learn each other’s playing styles. In fact, you might find yourselves becoming more confident, betting more money and seeking out bold strategic moves. One of these moves – a double-edged sword if there ever was one – is the check-raise so if you’re planning to use it in your next game, make sure you read this article carefully in order to get it right.

If you do come away with some winnings, why not invest it in further improving your man cave? The world of man caves is your oyster!